Your Biography Shapes Your Brand

Advertising is great for attracting business, but the place to make a personal connection to your customers is with your biography. The real estate markets continued shift towards online growth and mobile-friendly technology makes your professional biography a more prominent tool for generating clients.

We like to think of it as an integral part of your personal brand and we are happy help you develop it. Clients will be looking for your wisdom, eloquence and personality; your bio can help illustrate all those elements. The most important advice we give: Do not use your bio space to sell your services. There’s a time and a place for an advertisement, and this isn’t it! Keep your bio simple and honest – A biography is a written account of a life, if you come off as an advertisement, you’ll turn clients away. Make sure your clients see that you’re focused on their satisfaction and interests rather than your own business goals.

5 Simple Steps to Writing Your Real Estate Agent Biography – Writing or refining your real estate agent biography is at the top of the to-do list.

Step 1: Include Professional ExperienceYou’re the expert when it comes to real estate, so show it off! A well-rounded biography should include your skills, expertise, education, certificates, degrees, diplomas, classes taken, experience and awards.

Step 2: Provide a Personal TouchLife isn’t all work, so adding some insight into your personal life outside of work can be a great tool for connecting with potential clients. By including information about your family, pets, hobbies, and extracurricular activities, your clients will see you as a real person rather than just a Realtor. And, who knows when someone might contact you simply because you have something in common with them

Step 3: Link Yourself to the Real Estate AreaYou know the area better than anyone else, so be sure to include information about where you’ve lived and how long you’ve been an agent there. Demonstrate your knowledge of the area! On the other hand, if you’re new to the region, mention why you moved there and everything you love about it. This is a great way to build trust with your clients as they’ll need your guidance in finding the right home.

Step 4: Use a professional photo – Your face is your calling card and will become associated with your brand. People will also build a visual connection to you during their online search. This can seem obvious at first, but choosing the right image of yourself to share is an art form in itself. Save yourself the headaches of worrying about lighting, clothing and makeup, and hire a professional photographer. Make sure the photo is one you like, one that looks like you in person, and one that sends a positive impression.

Step 5: End it Right -Ultimately your bio is one way of helping your client’s get to know you so they’ll want to utilize your services – so be sure to include your contact information. This will give potential clients an immediate and easy way to contact you and access all you have to offer.

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