Don’t Sign on the Dotted Line Until …

before signing real estate contract

There are so many questions new homebuyers seem to have – when will it make sense to close? When should a negotiation stop and the paperwork truly start? How much paperwork is there actually, and who handles this?

The solution is fairly simple: Lean on your realtor. Your realtor should be the person who helps you get all this done, and lets you know what you should expect during the process. There’s no reason to stay up all night Googling or to feel like you’re in the dark – you should sign on the dotted line when you feel completely ready and feel as if your questions have been answered and any concerns handled.

Take the inspection process, for example. You may need to get your home inspected if you’re selling, and you may want to develop a relationship with an inspection company that’s separate from multiple web searches or looking through the yellow pages. This is where the right realty company comes in – many companies already have relationships with established vendors for many of the services you need. For this reason, you don’t have to feel like you’re on your own when you’re looking for the right pro to help you.

Take the time to truly get to know your realtor – and before you sign on that dotted line during the home buying process, make sure that any individual questions are answered and you feel 100% confident in your decision to move forward. Don’t feel as if you’re stuck – your realtor is there as a resource for you in more than just selling you the house. Ask, and expect your realtor to be helpful!

Lyn Jason Cobb

lyn jason cobb coldwell banker is pleased to announce Lyn Jason Cobb and the Team of Coldwell Banker are assisting homebuyers and sellers in the San Francisco Bay Area including the ZIP Codes of 94025, 94027 and 94301.

If you are looking at homes for sale in the Silicon Valley, Santa Clara, San Mateo, San Francisco, Marin or Sonoma Counties, Lyn Jason Cobb and Team are your established, leading professionals in these areas. oulluo offers many free tools to make your search easy, effective and swift for looking over the data rich content for looking at real estate listings to guide you in buying property.

Lyn and her award winning team’s extensive experience in construction, sales, marketing, negotiations and design can expertly guide you in the immediate cities of Palo Alto, Atherton, Menlo Park, Woodside, Portola Valley, Redwood City, Mountain View, Los Altos, Foster City, Burlingame, Belmont, San Carlos and Hillsborough.

Lyn Jason Cobb has been with Caldwell banker since 2001 achieving the International President’s Elite that very year and subsequently six years in a row. Continuing on her outstanding partnership with Coldwell Banker, Lyn then was awarded into Coldwell Banker’s International President’s Premier Team in 2008. Lynn has achieved that status every year since, awarded to the top 1% of all sales teams internationally.

Being a sixth generation San Franciscan, and fourth generation Peninsula resident, Lyn and her well rooted network of family, friends and extensive industry knowledge and contacts have all contributed to her outstanding success serving her many happy, satisfied and loyal clients.

Contact Lyn today!

(650) 464-2622
CalBRE License Number: 01332535
lyn jason cobb coldwell banker

Don Hickey – Remax

Oulluo is pleased to announce Don Hickey of RE/MAX Associates as our local area expert.

One of San Diego’s leading real estate agents, Don Hickey has a lifetime of experience mastering all aspects of the business, as he started learning at very young age working side-by-side with his father, a noted and successful local real estate developer. With his father’s guidance, Don was able at an early age to understand and eventually master the finer points of real estate, property management and banking. This lifetime of passion and expertise for the real estate industry has garnered Don the praise and loyalty of his clients along with earning a place in the elite top 1% of RE/MAX agents worldwide. Zip to home and it’s cutting edge products and features serves beautifully an agent of Don’s caliber with his real estate listings and client’s buying property.

For 15 years Don has been carefully and thoroughly nurturing and protecting his client’s interests yielding a string of five star reviews in YELP in the process and enjoying the interaction with many happy clients. With a solid foundation of much of his business from clients eager to work with him again, they are happy to reunite with this popular family man so well respected in his hometown of La Jolla. With zip2home and it’s advanced database, your searches with Don for homes for sale in his network of zipcodes is assured to be a pleasant and effective one for buying a home.

Don truly enjoys creating successful transactions for his client, and is known for going the extra mile to ensure their satisfaction. Don’s specialties are residential, commercial and income properties.

Don Hickey would be happy to assist you in your oulluo searches for real estate for sale in zipcodes 92037, 92109, 92106, 92117, 92107,92014, 92024, 92110, 92130, 92118

Don Hickey

Business Owner

Residential property sales & exchanges including fine homes, condominiums, income properties, coastal land

Exceptional attention to skilled negotiations, knowledgeable analysis of property values and market trends

Financial Background and Experience From Owning and Managing Property


*Licensed Real Estate Broker California and Hawaii

*12 Years Banking and Financial Experience

*Masters Degree in Science

*Two Years School at NASA



*Military Veteran

*Parent of Two Sons

*Parishioner Rock Academy

*Sponsor Cancer Society

*Sponsor Heart Association

*Sponsor Juvenile Diabetes Association

*Sponsor Casa De Amparo Chil


Don Hickey CA BRE #01319016

858 337 9396

1010 Prospect Street

Suite 300

La Jolla, California



What Makes the Relationship Dynamic Work?

realtor relationships

When you’re looking to buy a new home, you don’t want a lot of fluff – you want to know you can trust the realtor you’re working with to bring you the ultimate value so you can begin to build your future. There are so many different ways to interpret trust and to get the most out of any relationship, it can feel like walking in the dark when it comes to how best to approach any kind of relationship or similar connection with a realtor.

If you’re buying a new home. start with talking to friends and family – even coworkers – to get an idea of what’s worked for those around you. There are dozens of different ways to come into the acquaintance of a realtor who is looking to help you buy a home and is interested in your situation.

You can also browse local listings – agents with a large list of clients who are trustworthy tend to really take care of their online presences and to make sure customers can easily find them. You can also check Google and other online ratings to see what types of experiences people in your desired community have had with your realtor.

Buying a house is no small task – getting into a new home is a life-changing opportunity, and you can make it even more life changing by having a great experience with a 100% trustworthy realtor. There is absolutely no replacement for trust – the new keys to your home should come with a heavy helping of feeling like you’re being taken care of by your realtor.

Determining Positive ROI in 2017

determining roi realtors

How can we, as realtors, determine we’re getting the right bang for our buck? It isn’t always easy – in fact, the many options available to us in terms of vendors and services provided are often nebulous and all over the place.

If you’re anything like the rest of our team, you’ve lamented the amount of money you’re spending just getting new leads. With recent technological advancements, it should be easier than ever before for us to get into contact with the clients who are looking to get into a new home or buy a new piece of property. Yet, buying a house in San Diego or in any other locale can be cumbersome for customers in terms of finding the right realtor, and difficult for us in terms of connecting with clients we can develop long-term relationships with.

Selling Real Estate in 2017

As realtors, we know the technology changes from year to year – yet, we don’t always know how to get ahold of the latest ways to bring in new leads for our businesses. We owe ourselves and our clients the opportunity to connect with us. We owe ourselves the opportunity to utilize new business technology.

Most of all, we owe ourselves the opportunity to sit down with our calculators and determine whether or not the ROI is really worth it for us. When’s the last time you put pencil to paper so you could make a decision about whether or not your relationship with a vendor would really work out and bring value to your business?

Let’s talk about ROI in 2017 – and let’s talk about how the resources that oulluo offers which can help you succeed and bring ultimate value to your business. At oulluo, when you win, we win – so let us help!

2017 Marketing Resources for Realtors

marketing resources for realtors

Jumpstarting your 2017 marketing is likely something you’re thinking about, if you haven’t started some activity already and are looking to increase your realtor marketing resources. Most of us agents get frustrated this time of year, looking at what competitors are doing, what new possibilities exist for us and wondering quite where to start.

Are you finding yourself unsure of where to proceed with your 2016 realtor marketing? We think we have some tips and ideas that could help you make the most of your time and marketing dollars.

Exploring New Inbound Marketing Avenues

One of the most important marketing decisions you can make is where to put your money for inbound leads. Investing and re-investing in the same lead sources can always lead you to clients – but the best way to ensure you’re getting the most bang from your buck is to invest in multiple sources. Essentially, diversify your marketing resources.

Pumping your list consistently and asking for word of mouth referrals is a classic way of doing business – but the more you expand your inbound marketing lead network, the less opportunities you’ll have for list fatigue. List fatigue happens when you consistently hammer a current client list looking for new business opportunities. Customers only want to hear from us often enough to know we’re thinking of them or that we’re still around. Anything more than that can tire your list fairly quickly.

Realtor Marketing Resources

So – when you’re looking for new lead sources in the new year, where’s the best place to start? How can you expose yourself to new realty resources outside the ones you normally work with?

Keeping up with industry newsletters and the latest trends across the blogs you read is important. Use your iPhone or a note taking app to create a “tickler” file of new marketing trends and ideas. Whenever you see a new opportunity, put this in the ticker file. Then, set aside 10-20 minutes a week to go through these new opportunities to see if they work for you.

Measuring Affordability

Your next task is to ensure the opportunities you locate are affordable and exclusive. That’s why our model makes so much sense – so many other inbound marketing opportunities for realtors don’t give you the option of buying exclusive territories of which a limited number are available.

At, we can offer that opportunity to you. We have excusive resources that once you buy, you’ll have a stake on. Our listings won’t go to anyone else – and best of all, they’re affordable.

Let’s talk about the best way to get you set up with your territories! We’d love to chat with you. And if you have any questions about 2017 marketing, fill out our form and let us give you a free analysis! We’d love to chat about lead generation with you.